#04 Frank Stallone | Fitness, Fame, Boxing and Whiskey

In this riveting and inspirational episode of Live Well and Thrive, host Mike Torchia and legendary artist, Frank Stallone, delve into Frank’s remarkable life journey – from his deeply ingrained love for fitness to his ventures in business. This enriching narrative offers a candid look at Frank’s philosophy on living a fulfilled, healthy life, underscored by a rigorous fitness regimen that serves as the backbone for his vibrant existence.

Together, they explore Frank’s rise to fame, drawing parallels between his anticipation-filled life in music and his adventures in the fitness world. Frank sheds light on his past experiences, candidly sharing his highs and lows, including his battle with health issues and his commitment to recovery and wellness.

The discussion takes an entrepreneurial turn as Frank unveils his latest ventures in the food and beverage industry – ‘Uncle Frank’s Meat Rocket’ and his signature ‘Uncle Frank’s Kentucky Bourbon.’ Frank’s philosophy of integrating a healthy lifestyle with good business sense shines through in this segment as he passionately discusses his plans and ideas for the future.

The episode wraps up with sneak peeks into Stallone’s private life where he basks in simple joys and thrilling competitive shooting challenges. This truly compelling episode offers immense inspiration and personal insights packed into a single life-well-lived through resilience, fitness, music, fame, and entrepreneurship. Tune in to meet the man behind the legend; join Frank Stallone on his exhilarating journey of fitness, fame, and fresh ventures.