#18 | Paola Paulin – Defying Expectations: From Diplomat to Hollywood Producer

Join us as Paola shares her exhilarating journey from leaving her prestigious diplomatic job to pursue her dreams in acting. From her beginnings as a model to landing her first role in the TV series “Ballers”, listen as she recounts her relentless drive, commitment, and resilience that propelled her to success.

Follow Paola’s adventures to New York where she delved into theatre before making her next career leap to Los Angeles. The episode provides a deeper look at the industry, demonstrating that hard work and passion are more crucial than looks and connections. The episode beautifully captures that mistakes and failures are indispensable pathways to victory. We wrap up with a touching discussion on the impact of parental support, nudging our listeners to understand that success is a culmination of continuous trials and errors.

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