#30 Jacqueline Dadanian | The Queen of Diamonds: Crafting Beauty and Balance

In this episode, I sit down with the remarkable Jacqueline Dadanian, a
third-generation jeweler renowned for her exquisite custom art pieces that
go beyond mere jewelry.

Join us as Jacqueline shares her journey from designing her first piece at
the age of 12 to creating a diamond suit for the iconic Conor McGregor.
Discover the passion and dedication that drive her artistry and how she
seamlessly balances her professional life with being a single mom of four.

Learn about Jacqueline’s approach to maintaining a healthy lifestyle
through a Mediterranean diet, regular exercise, and the importance of
involving her children in cooking and healthy eating. This episode is
packed with inspiring anecdotes, practical advice, and a heartfelt
conversation on living a balanced and fulfilling life.

Tune in to be inspired by Jacqueline’s story and gain valuable insights
into achieving wellness and success in your own life.


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