#32 Dr. Har Hari and Guests | Feel 20 Years Younger with Stem Cell Innovations

In this special episode, we revisit the fascinating world of regenerative
medicine with my esteemed guest, Dr. Har Hari, and his colleague, Kurt

Kurt’s company is at the forefront of innovation, offering groundbreaking
treatments like stem cells, exosomes, and cutting-edge medical devices that
promise to rejuvenate the body and enhance our quality of life. Together,
we explore the incredible potential of stem cells, answering essential
questions about their sources, their applications, and their unparalleled

You’ll learn about the different types of stem cells, the science behind
their effectiveness, and how they are revolutionizing treatments for
chronic diseases and aging. Dr. Har Hari shares his journey into stem cell
research, the collaborative synergy with Kurt’s company, and the promising
results they’ve seen in their patients.

Whether you’re curious about how stem cells can help you look and feel 20
years younger, or you want to understand the future of regenerative
medicine, this episode is packed with invaluable insights. Don’t miss this
opportunity to discover how you can achieve a better quality of life
through these advanced therapies.

Tune in to Live Well and Thrive and take the first step towards a more
youthful, vibrant you. Enjoy the show!


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