#33 Jake Brander | Building Success with Urgency and Purpose

Today, I welcome a distinguished guest, Jake Brander, a successful
businessman and philanthropist.

Jake shares his inspiring journey from humble beginnings to making the
cover of Inc. Magazine and becoming a key figure in his industry. He delves
into the driving forces behind his success, emphasizing the importance of
urgency and a desire to create meaningful change in the world.

The discussion highlights Jake’s philanthropic efforts, from packing meals
for children in need to donating suits for job seekers, showcasing his
commitment to giving back to the community.

Jake also opens up about his personal challenges, including a significant
injury that shifted his focus toward self-care and balance.

As the conversation progresses, Jake and Mike explore the future of AI and
its potential impact on society, hinting at Jake’s ambitious plans to work
on countermeasures for AI’s potential risks. The episode wraps up with
insights into Jake’s management style, the growth of his company, and his
future aspirations.

This captivating episode is filled with valuable lessons on resilience,
leadership, and the power of giving back. Subscribe to *Live Well and
Thrive* for more inspiring stories and insights.


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