#35 Joe Mantegna: Behind the Scenes of a Hollywood Legend

Joe Mantegna: successful actor, director, entrepreneur, philanthropist, and
family man.

Joe’s experiences in directing and starring in Criminal Minds, his
longstanding involvement with the show “Gun Stories” on the Outdoor
Channel, and the intriguing historical narratives behind firearms are
explored. His diverse career in theater and film is highlighted, featuring
memorable roles and projects like “The Rat Pack” and “Searching for Bobby

Throughout the conversation, Joe opens up about his personal life,
including his family’s support and his journey to staying physically fit.
He emphasizes the importance of balance, mental health, and a positive
attitude, drawing inspiration from his mother’s long, fulfilling life.

Additionally, Joe discusses his involvement in the tequila business with
Senor Rio, showcasing his entrepreneurial spirit and commitment to
supporting others.


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