#11 King Bless: Athlete, Artist, Cryptocurrency Guru

Join host Mike Torchia and multifaceted professional King Bless in an insightful podcast titled ‘Live Well and Thrive’. Explore King Bless’s intriguing journey from being a college ball player to a military PR officer, model, artist, and cryptocurrency expert. In a candid conversation, King Bless reveals his experiences and life choices that led to his successful ventures across varied fields. This episode not only acts as an inspiration but also elucidates complex concepts of Bitcoin and advocates the significance of education.

Dive deeper into the world of cryptocurrency with King Bless as he simplifies Bitcoin, discusses the potential risks and scams prevalent in the industry, and emphasizes the importance of investor education. Learn from real-life instances of fraud highlighted from Netflix documentaries to avoid falling prey to deceptive tactics. On a lighter note, King Bless offers engaging anecdotes from daily life, ensuring an interesting and enlightening listening experience.

The episode transitions smoothly into the realm of physical health, sharing fitness techniques and personal workout routines. Striking a balance between mental and physical health, the dialogue emphasizes a multimodal approach to wellness. Listen as our hosts relay their rigorous training experiences, inspiring listeners to enhance their own fitness regimen.

Further, gain some valuable insights as King Bless recalls his memorable football journey, the impact of Olympic lifting on his career, and his camaraderie with teammates such as Russell Wilson. The episode also delves into the importance of diet on performance, shedding light on King Bless’s personal dietary choices and understanding their contribution to his physical prowess.

This compelling episode not only guides you through the risky territory of cryptocurrency but also unlocks the secrets to achieving holistic physical fitness. Quite an engaging listen for those keen on enhancing their financial and physical wellness.