#01 Dr. Har Hari | The Holistic Health Revolution

In this invigorating episode of Live Well and Thrive, host Mike Torchia takes us on a personal journey of his transformative healing experience under the guidance of renowned holistic practitioner, Dr. Har Hari. He recounts his enlightening experience at Har Hari’s advanced healing center in Beverly Hills and how his life was transformed using cutting-edge therapies such as ‘Trifecta’ – the red light therapy bed.

Mike talks candidly about his battles with chronic shoulder pains due to excessive weight lifting, which alleviated dramatically, much to his therapist’s astonishment. From having a rejuvenated pliability to witnessing a reduction in scar tissue and even a renewed sensation in his previously numb right leg, Mike’s testimonial speaks volumes about the tangible impact of these alternative healing methods.

The episode takes a deeper dive as Dr. Har Hari, an advocate of using machinery and energy to heal the body, shares his philosophy and insights on groundbreaking biotechnologies. Topics such as grounding, high-powered pulsed electromagnetics, and biophotonic devices are elucidated, laying open the vast world of techno-futuristic healing options for the uninitiated and skeptical.

Not just stopping at his current services, Dr. Har Hari shares plans for introducing stem cell production through shockwave machines and the future rollout of a novel therapy involving cord blood mesenchymal stem cells. He also unveils his vision for self-service therapy booking and expanding his healing center nationwide.

This insightful episode acts as a bridge between traditional healing and futuristic methodologies, demystifying the power of AI therapy and the potential it holds for comprehensive health and wellness. Tune in to the world of advanced alternative healing and embrace a life with reduced pain and increased vitality.