#24 Dr. Elyse Kent | The Healing Power of Pets: A Vet’s Insight

I’m thrilled to have Dr. Elyse Kent with us today, a renowned mobile veterinarian who combines her extensive medical expertise with a deep love and compassion for animals. In our conversation, Dr. Kent and I explore the incredible benefits and some of the lesser-known challenges of pet ownership.

We start by discussing why Dr. Kent isn’t a fan of dog parks, highlighting the health risks they pose to our furry friends. We also talk about the rise of dog-friendly spaces in California and the joy of seeing pets included in our daily lives. Dr. Kent shares fascinating insights into how pets reflect their owners’ personalities and the significant impact they have on reducing stress and promoting mindfulness.

One of the key topics we cover is the importance of mobile veterinary services. Dr. Kent explains how these services, especially for cats and older dogs, can make a huge difference in their health and comfort. We also delve into the critical role of dental health in preventing serious illnesses in pets.

Throughout our conversation, we touch on the vital role pets play in providing companionship and emotional support, especially for those dealing with depression or social isolation. Dr. Kent’s stories and practical advice are both heartwarming and enlightening, emphasizing the unique bond between pets and their owners.

Join us for this episode of Live Well and Thrive to learn how to care for your pets with love and dedication, ensuring their health and happiness. And don’t forget to subscribe and check out our new merchandise at operationfitness.com. Thank you for your support.

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