#27 Clark Bartram | Secrets of Everlasting Fitness

Welcome to Live Well and Thrive! I’m Mike Torchia, and in this electrifying
episode, I’m hanging out with my dear friend and fitness legend, Clark
Bartram. Clark is a powerhouse, gracing over 130 international fitness
magazine covers and standing tall as a beacon of health and wellness.
Together, we spill the secrets behind Clark’s never-ending fitness journey,
the motivation that keeps him fired up, and why a positive mindset is a

Clark dives deep into his military training roots, sharing priceless
insights and the pride he takes in his physical prowess. He doesn’t shy
away from discussing the pitfalls of modern gym culture and emphasizes the
game-changing importance of proper form and technique. Get ready for an
inspiring twist as Clark opens up about his battle with prostate cancer,
the proactive steps he’s taken, and the launch of his groundbreaking
nonprofit, Check It Like a Man, which aims to raise awareness about men’s

We also take a trip down memory lane, reminiscing about our early fitness
days, the evolution of our training philosophies, and the indelible impact
of legendary mentors like Arthur Jones. Plus, we talk about the power of
community in the fitness world and how Clark’s revolutionary online
program, Maximize Man Elite, is empowering men over 50 to smash their
health goals.

Don’t miss out on this episode packed with motivation, practical advice,
and a heartfelt mission to inspire everyone to live their best lives.

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