#03 Ron Perlman | The Screen Actors Strike and the Asyluum Studios Solution

In this episode, acclaimed actor Ron Perlman unveils his vision for revolutionizing the entertainment industry through the lens of his latest venture, Asyluum Studios. Known for his roles in ‘Sons of Anarchy’ and ‘Hellboy’, Perlman is now steering his focus to a project centered on restoring power to the artists. Listen to Perlman’s passion as he redefines Hollywood.

Understand the broader impacts of changes in entertainment consumption, from theaters to streaming services, as we dissect their effects on both filmmakers and audiences. As advocates for the revival of theaters, we discuss the necessity of catering to genuine cinema lovers, resisting predetermined agendas. We spotlight the insidious control streaming platforms exert on the film community and propose the establishment of a new streaming platform to counteract this imbalance.

In our “Amazon world”, where consumers access a massive array of entertainment options without leaving home, we challenge the implications of this dramatic shift, despite its convenience. Join us as we scrutinize the loss of a profound communal experience tied to theatergoing and question the sacrifices made in the name of convenience.

Our dialogue turns to the formidable influence of mega-corporations on small businesses and quality of life. We delve into the growing disillusionment of the elusive American Dream and grapple with the cynicism corroding our faith in democracy. By advocating for a cultural shift away from complacency, we explore the crucial significance of human interaction in an increasingly automated world.

Reflecting on the rise of AI in the movie industry, we assert that robots should enhance rather than replace human creativity. We pledge that Asyluum Studios will remain a fervent champion for humans within the realms of directing, writing, and acting. Tune in to this episode of Live Well and Thrive, as we traverse the intersection of technology, creativity, and humanity in a rapidly changing entertainment landscape.