#06 Ba Minuzzi | Conscious Investing and Purpose-Driven Wealth

Ba Minuzzi, founder & CEO of UMANA, is a self-made entrepreneur who leads conscious investing and wealth management for high-net-worth celebrity clients. With UMANA, Ba is redefining wealth through purpose-driven efforts that will create a legacy for the next generation.

UMANA is pioneer in the concept of purpose-driven family office and is revolutionizing the wealth management industry. At UMANA Family, Ba primarily focus is to create wealth aligned with one’s values. As of today, UMANA’s oversees $400M+.

I explore her journey, uncovering how she turned her anger towards societal structures into a driving force for success. Ba provides a detailed look at impact investing, a sector of venture capital focused on financial gains and social and environmental impact. She walks us through the process, from pre-seed stages to Series A investments, revealing the complexities of supporting early-stage companies with a purpose.

I also discuss Humana, Ba’s family office, and its impactful work. Here, she combines grounded and regenerative strategies to make a difference in investing. Ba shares her transition from being driven by anger to being motivated by love, emphasizing love, service, and care over criticism.

The conversation goes beyond finance, touching on the role of aesthetics and colors in daily life, from gym routines to restaurant choices. Ba’s diverse interests and roles, from investor to speaker and trendsetter, are truly inspiring. Her story sends a powerful message about breaking societal norms and using internal struggles as motivation for success.

The discussion includes personal anecdotes about her organizational skills, love for home-cooked food, and moments with her son. This episode is a must-listen for everyone, especially aspiring women looking to blaze their own trails.