#07 April Diamond | Vocal Fitness and Compassion

#07 April Diamond | Vocal Fitness and Compassion

APRIL DIAMOND is a Billboard Charting Recording Artist, who has received the #1 Chart position on the National New Music Radio Charts, and is a Social Media Influencer with her show “LIVE with April Diamond!!!!”. She is also a published vocal coach.

I had the pleasure of speaking with April Diamond, a talented singer, songwriter, and vocal coach. April shared fascinating stories about her music career, delving into the origins and inspirations behind her popular pop-dance music. She also discussed the connection between fitness and music, as well as her upcoming book, which aims to inspire others.

We explored the art of vocal training through April’s experiences, debunking common misconceptions and emphasizing the importance of proper breathing techniques. April offered valuable advice on improving communication skills, self-confidence, and relationships through voice training. She also explained why we often feel uncomfortable hearing recordings of our own voices.

Our conversation extended beyond music to discuss fitness, where April shared her transformative journey from being an overweight teenager to becoming a fitness guru. She emphasized the role of destiny and following your passion in achieving success.

Additionally, we touched on our shared love for animals, discussing pet adoption and the importance of animal welfare organizations. This episode was a rich blend of music, physical health, and compassion for animals.

Our discussion is just the beginning, as future episodes will dive deeper into topics such as vocal health, the mental benefits of singing, and more. Join us on “Live Well and Thrive” for more engaging conversations with April Diamond.