#21 Sebastian Seigel | The Magic of Gold’s Gym

In this episode of Live Well and Thrive, I sit down with my dear friend, the multifaceted Sebastian Siegel. We dive into the rich history of Gold’s Gym in Venice, known as the Mecca of Bodybuilding, and its magical impact on the fitness world. Sebastian, who has graced the covers of hundreds of magazines as a champion fitness model and has now evolved into an accomplished actor, director, and producer, shares his incredible journey with us.

We explore how Gold’s Gym has shaped our lives and the fitness industry, reminiscing about the camaraderie and transformative power of physical fitness that we experienced there. Sebastian discusses his shift from being a hardcore athlete to becoming a spiritual filmmaker, influenced by his unique upbringing surrounded by diverse religious philosophies.

Together, we reflect on the evolution of gym culture, the challenges of maintaining authenticity in the age of social media, and the importance of staying grounded amidst rapid change. Join us for an inspiring conversation about dedication, spirituality, and the timeless magic of Gold’s Gym.