#20 Cam Higby | Behind The Scenes of UCLA’s Protest Chaos

I’m joined by journalist Cam Higby, who infiltrated the guarded protest encampments at UCLA, takes us behind the scenes and of a turbulent protest and mysterious group. Disguised as a protester, Cam unveils the raw truth of the protest’s dynamics—from communist symbolism and makeshift barricades to tensions with campus security, and aggressive tactics to enforce territory.

This eye-opening episode unravels not just the protester’s focus on specific racial and ideological groups, but also instances of active harassment. We also probe deeper into questions about funding and organization behind these protests, including the role of groups like Students for Justice in Palestine and rumors of external financial support.

Experience the intensity as Cam recounts his dramatic confrontation with the protesters, a confrontation that spiraled into false imprisonment and assault. This episode ignites a critical dialogue about the actions of law enforcement, the university’s stance, and the unsettling violence displayed by some protesters.

I don’t shy away from the truth, presenting a terrifying glimpse into the chaotic state of LA’s protest scene, particularly on UCLA’s campus. Cam reveals the readiness of protesters to engage in medieval-style battle tactics, and the disturbing passivity of law enforcement in the face of such disorder.

We address the stark absence of security measures to prevent such incidents, and the regrettable silence from LA’s leading politicians. Notably, the episode delves into the lack of proper medical support during large-scale riots, spotlighting the establishment of a makeshift medic station within the protest area.

This episode paints a picture of a society torn apart, with students and law enforcement thrust into violent confrontations. Tune in for this unfiltered account that highlights the significant leadership failings and far-reaching consequences of such disorder.

Cam Higby


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