#19 Angelica Bridges | From Baywatch to Philanthropy

In this heartfelt episode of “Live Well and Thrive,” I sit down with the cherished “Baywatch” icon, Angelica Bridges. Dive into the golden days of “Baywatch,” as Angelica reminisces about the set, shares her excitement about a potential reboot, and discusses her profound connection to philanthropy. Angelica opens up about her Missouri roots and the values instilled by a childhood on a ranch, which deepened her bond with animals and ignited her advocacy for their welfare. We explore the darker realities of animal treatment and celebrate the compassion that drives her efforts. The conversation shifts to her artistic side, from teaching arts to children to her engagement with “Dance for Wellness,” and a peek into her upcoming culinary venture. Angelica’s passion for cooking and creating joyful experiences through food promises to tantalize your senses. Join us as we also touch on the unexpected—tales of villa robberies and advanced security solutions, neighborhood disputes, and political mishaps, all intertwined with lighthearted anecdotes. Finally, we challenge the clichés of life in Las Vegas, painting a picture of the city far removed from its stereotypes.


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