#09 | Noah Cleckner – Inside the Shadows: Unveiling DC’s Political Underworld

Noah Cleckner. Known as ‘Cleck’ in the American political circles, Noah delves deep into the complexities of the U.S. political system, offering unique insights and firsthand experiences from his time in Washington.

In this episode, discover the hidden realities of American politics, from Congressional scandals to cultural misconceptions about the capital. Cleck highlights his fascinating journey, shedding light on working under multiple administrations. He also talks about the secret sauce to success in the political world, emphasizing the integral role of integrity and hard work.

The discussion further uncovers ethical dilemmas faced by young and ambitious individuals in politics, calling attention to the blurred boundaries between business and personal relationships. Adding to this, you’ll gain critical insights into the current political divide, its implications on our political system, and an in-depth analysis around the current U.S. President’s mental health.

This episode also features an unfiltered talk about the media’s role in forging public opinion, how it affects political image building, and evaluations of Governor Newsom’s handling of the COVID-19 crisis. All this intertwined with projections for the potential future political leader.


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