#10 Johnny Roastbeef – From a Deli Counter to the Red Carpet

In this candid episode of Live Well and Thrive, host Mike Torchia invites actor Johnny “Roastbeef” Williams (Goodfellas, NYPD Blue, The Mask) to share his extraordinary path from a deli counter in East Harlem to the glitz and glamour of Hollywood. The conversation covers his humble beginnings in a poor neighborhood, his breakout into show business with a little help from a self-help seminar, and his eventual breakthrough into acting.

Johnny gives an in-depth account of the trials and triumphs of his career in acting, his transition from New York to Hollywood, and his memorable experience working with the legendary Robert De Niro in Goodfellas. He also offers a fascinating look into his journey from running a deli to becoming a respected figure in the restaurant industry in New York and Hollywood.

The episode additionally explores Johnny’s recent endeavor into writing, his insights on the dynamics of running a restaurant, and his perspective on technological advancements in today’s digital world.

Follow with Johnny through the rough streets of Harlem to his remarkable Hollywood success story. This episode holds gripping storytelling, life lessons, and the inspiring tale of a man who turned his life experiences into an exceptional acting career. Tune in for a listening experience as captivating as Johnny’s own adventure.